Visual F# 100 Examples: Example 12 and 13

This is the continuation of our planned 100 Visual F# examples. By the way, the bugs in examples number 7 to 11 had been fixed. My apologies, I should’nt have written those without using Visual F# compiler:)

Problem: Make a console application that will asks the user to enter the day that he was born and display his character or future based on the famous nursery rhyme written in England, “Monday’s Child”.

open System
//changes the console application title
System.Console.Title<-"Tell the Future"
//adds foreground color
printfn "What day were you born?"
let strday=System.Console.ReadLine()
//clears the screen
//converts the inputs to lowercase then compare it our
//specified values
if strday.ToLower()="monday" then
    printfn "Monday's child is fair of face"
else if strday.ToLower()="tuesday" then
    printfn "Tuesday's child is full of grace"
else if strday.ToLower()="wednesday" then
    printfn "Wednesday's child is full of woe"
else if strday.ToLower()="thursday" then
    printfn "Thurdays's child has far to go"
else if strday.ToLower()="friday" then
    printfn "Friday's child is loving and giving"
else if strday.ToLower()="saturday" then
    printfn "Saturday's child works hard for a living"
else if strday.ToLower()="sunday" then
    printfn "Sunday's child is bonny and blithe and good and gay"
    printfn "Invalid input"
Problem: Develop a console application that will asks the wind speed in kilometer per hour(kph) and display its equivalent Philippine Storm Signal number.
open System
//changes the console application title
System.Console.Title<-"Determine Storm Signal Number"
//adds foreground color
printfn "Enter wind speed(kph):"
let intspeed=Convert.ToInt32(System.Console.ReadLine())
//clears the screen
//if the wind speed ranges from 30 to 60
if intspeed>=30 && intspeed<=60 then
    printfn "Storm signal number 1"
//if the wind speed ranges from 61 to 100
else if intspeed>60 && intspeed<=100 then
    printfn "Storm signal number 2"
//if the wind speed ranges from 101 to 185
else if intspeed>100 && intspeed<=185 then
    printfn "Storm signal number 3"
//if the wind speed is greater than 185
else if intspeed>185 then
printfn "Storm signal number 4"
printfn "Invalid input"