Adding space to a concatenated String

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There are several ways to add space to a contanated string in Visual F#:

1.Using the Tab Escape Character


“text1” + “\t” + “textn”

For instance:
Trace.WriteLine("Adding" +”\t”+ “Space”)

This will display “Adding Space” with 5-6 spaces in between in the output window. You can also use the unicode equivalent of tab which is \u0009. For example:
Trace.WriteLine("Adding" +”\u0009”+ “Space”)
2. Typing a space or “ “ between the concatenated strings
“text1” + “ ” + “textn”

For instance:
Trace.WriteLine("Adding" +” ”+ “Space”)
You can also use the unicode equivalent of space which is \u0032. For example:
Trace.WriteLine("Adding" +”\u0032”+ “Space”)
3. Using the Convert.ToChar() string manipulation function
Convert.ToChar converts a specified key code to character.
The key code for tab is 9 while Spacebar has 32.

Convert.ToChar(key code)
//backspace key
//enter key
//adds space to a concatenated string
Trace.WriteLine(“Adding” + Convert.ToString(Convert.ToChar(32)) + “Space” )

For a simple example of application that adds space to a concatenated string:

1. Click Start>All Programs>Microsoft Visual Studio 2008>Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

2. Click File>New>Project>Select Visual F# in the project types>Select F# application in the Visual Studio installed templates category.

3. Click the Project menu>Add reference>Click the .Net tab>Locate then double-click System.Windows.Forms. Do step 3 again and this time, select System.Drawing from the .Net tab.

4. Enter the following code after the line “// Learn more about F# at “:

// Learn more about F# at
//specifies the namespace memory location of the classes that
//will be used in our application
open System
open System.Diagnostics
open System.Windows.Forms
open System.Drawing
//creates our form
let myform= new Form(Text="Adding Space")
//creates our controls  
let label1=new Label(Text="Firstname:",Location=new System.Drawing.Point(0, 10),AutoSize=true)
let label2=new Label(Text="Lastname:",Location=new System.Drawing.Point(0, 50),AutoSize=true)
let fnametextbox=new TextBox(Location=new System.Drawing.Point(100,10),BorderStyle=BorderStyle.FixedSingle)
let lnametextbox=new TextBox(Location=new System.Drawing.Point(100,50),BorderStyle=BorderStyle.FixedSingle)
let okbutton=new Button(Text="Ok", Location=new System.Drawing.Point(120, 170))
let exitbutton=new Button(Text="Exit", Location=new System.Drawing.Point(200, 170))
myform.Click.Add(fun space->
//display our text in the ouput window
Trace.WriteLine("Adding Spaces")
Trace.WriteLine(label1.Text + "\u0009" + fnametextbox.Text)
Trace.WriteLine(label2.Text + "\u0009" + lnametextbox.Text))

//execute our application


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