Changing the Hard Drive or USB Icon in Windows XP

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Unlike a normal folder, you cannot change a hard drive or USB icon by right clicking it, selecting properties then clicking the customize tab and the change icon button because though they both have properties right click options, your mother and I knew that they both don't have customize tab. But don't despair, that does'nt mean that the title is wrong and should be changed to "You cannot change the USB icon moron". We can, my brother, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Double click the USB icon to browse its contents.
Step 2: In the blank pane, right click> Select new > Text Document.
Step 3: Double click the newly created New Text Document file.
Step 4: Type the following:

Step 5: Click File> Save > Type Autorun.inf > Click save.

Replace the yourdesiredicon.ico with an existent icon file. I suggest searching an icon
file first by clicking the start button > Search > Click All files and Folders > in the first textbox, type, *.ico then click the Search button. Right click your desired icon > Copy. And paste it on the same location where your autorun.inf file is located. Just don't be dumb and replace the Icon
keyword with your name.
To change the hard drive icon, just change the Step 1 to Double click the Hard Drive icon.


How about the local drive?


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